Thursday, August 11, 2005

"The Unexpected"

Today I had someone do something that has actually restored a little of my faith in human beings.

About a week ago I had (for the second time since I've lived in my current home of four years), a "No Trespassing" sign stolen and thrown "somewhere" out in the tall bushes where it couldn't be found.

Needless to say, this pissed me off. I have always allowed the neighbors to cut across my yard because it leads right to a little shopping area where there's a variety store and grocery. Several of my neighbors are somewhat disabled, or old, and this saves them a lot of walking around the area and next to the highway. In fact, and I had told everyone this, that the only reason I had the signs up was to prevent any law suits in case someone was to accidently hurt themselves while on my property, or to deter people that are not from our area just cutting across, or to keep anyone off the yard that might want to purposely cause damage. It made me so mad in fact, that I threatened to either put up a fence and stop everyone from trespassing, or just move and let someone else fool with this problem.

The day it came up missing, I "caught" one of the neighborhood kids walking across it and pretty much laid down the law. Told him that he was welcomed to cut across the yard, but to pass the word around that I wasn't going to take the crap anymore.

A while ago, two young boys came to my door, sign in hand returning it to me where they said they'd found it in the tall weeds. I thanked them both and complimented them on being both nice people.

No, I won't be putting the sign back up again. I think everyone has finally gotten the point.


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