Friday, October 07, 2005

"Rain, Pain, and The Girl of Steel"

I know I don't mention my other blog site, Beatles and Bizarros much these days, but it's still there (minus any illustrations, but all of those listings are still complete), and I DO occasionally still add new listings to it whenever I find them.

In fact, I've just added three new ones today to The Beatles app.'s in comic books, which are: Archie's Madhouse #48 (8/66), Iron Man V1 #114 (9/78), and Supergirl (DC/1990's series) #52 (1/2001), the latter of which cover I have posted above, showing her in battle with a "pseudo-Steel" and Superman looking on saying: "AHEM" (just 'cause i like it).

And, speaking of Supergirl, I hadn't kept up much with this character in several years, but after reading #52 and thoroughly enjoying it, I decided to check out auction listings to buy maybe some other issues as well. Little did I realize that she's a hot character these days! (Some of the starting bid prices were "unreal"!)

And... next... Autumn may have officially started a couple of weeks ago, but today (here) is the first time it's actually felt like the season with a cold rain and temperatures in the mid 50's, which knocks me out of mowing the yard either today, or probably tomorrow as well. Originally the weather forecast was for clear skies tomorrow; now they're saying "rain", which will also pretty much put a damper (so to speak) on the outside local flea market,too.

Was sort'a hoping today when I got home that a large lot of Eddie Campbell's Bacchus (that I won a couple of weeks ago) would greet me. I paid for it with an "e-check", which is something I almost never do. But I was wanting to finish reading that series (and this is a full set I won); no such luck. Paying for it that was isn't much better than sending a money order or even a personal check as it takes 5 to 7 days to clear thru PayPal's channels. Plus, it's being sent media mail, so tomorrow's the next bet, then Tuesday at the earliest (since the post office is closed Monday due to Columbus day).

Columbus Day: Now there's a federal holiday I could live without. Celebrating the beginnings of the elimination of The Native American Culture in this country, to me, is not a "good" thing to do. Plus, I don't see the post offices closing down to celebrate the TRUE people (The Vikings) who arrived on the North American Continent hundreds of years before. (Columbus didn't even do that at first.)

It's not that I don't admire the adventurous spirit of Columbus; on the contrary. He showed a lot of courage crossing an ocean not knowing for certain what lie ahead. But he was no more courageous than many other explorers of his time, and there's never been any "special days" of celebration given to them, so...


Finally, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in several days, but it's not just from being very busy at my job. I've been pretty ill this week, physically, with stomach problems which caused me to go on an unintentional fast from Monday thru Thursday. My stomach's only now settling down from the experience.


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