Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Some Animated Comments"

One of the more interesting things about watching episodes of Justice League Unlimited I've discovered are the closing scenes as the credits roll. There's always different characters from an up-coming episode yet to be seen.

At the close of the new one last night, there was a glimpse of "The Legion of Super-Heroes". Not sure if that was from an episode I've missed or one yet to come, but it'd definately be one I'd want to watch as I've never seen them animated before.

Also shown, were versions of BOTH the white-gloved versions of Supergirl AND the character with the familiar Superman-style outfit. Makes me wonder that since DC's gotten shed of the latter Peter David version and she has a new series, if some changes won't be made there as well?

JLU was okay, last time; always good to see Bizarro in an episode, as well as the original DC Magneto,i.e., Sonar (who's costume has changed drastically over the years). "The Red Tornado" finally got a little more play in the episode as well as "Dr. Fate", but par usual, they continue to overuse the John Stewart "Green Lantern".
What I would like to see are more episodes concentrating on lesser used members of the JLA, and fewer of those starring Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, The Black Canary, Jonn Jonzz and The Flash (tho', more Wonder Woman ones would be nice), and try to stay away from so much of "The Legion of Doom" battles since it's starting to remind me too much of The Super Friends.

And...after seeing a report on the 1988 issue of Time Magazine which featured a cover article about Superman Turning 50, I thought I'd do a search for that issue on on-line auctions and see what dealers were asking for a copy of it. Found several listed, placed a small minimum bid and won one for probably what it originally cost on the newstand. I've never actually owned a copy of this mag before, although I recall reading the entire article once while at my doctor's office. It does indeed have a lot of nice artwork and photos, and I've looked through numberous piles of older magazines at flea markets, etc. to see if I could find one, but never did. I figured either those who did get one either kept it or tossed it over the years. So now it'll be good just to add this to my collection of Supes' stuff.

And if you remember, that was nearly 20 years ago! My how time do fly. Here in just 2 years, the character will turn 70 (and when I first started reading his adventures, circa 1958, he'd only turned 20! Gaaahhhhh!).

BTW, I always hated that commercial by U.S. News & World Report where they hold up that issue and the guy says, "Superman Turns 50...Who cares?!", to which I personally respond, "U.S. News & World Report...Who Cares?!". Ever since they did that ad I've never bought or read an issue of their rag.


At 11:27 AM , Blogger Michael said...

Yes, that's the Legion coming up in two weeks. Next week is "Grudge Match" followed by "Far From Home" with Supergirl and the Legion. Yes, that's her new costume, and the reason for the switch (besides that it's what the current Supergirl is wearing) is revealed in the episode. If you want a sneak peek at the entire episode, I have it screencapped at my Legion blog.

At 12:28 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Thanks, Michael! I'll check it out!

At 6:12 PM , Blogger Michael said...

In answer to your question on my site, no, this isn't the first time the Legion has been animated. Three Legionnaires visited came back in time on an episode of "Superman: The Animated Series". Check out my Animated Legion page.

At 5:35 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Actually, I'm kinda liking the "Legion of Doom" angle; it's an excuse for a lotta supervillains to pop up. And you know how much I hate Super Friends!


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