Sunday, April 30, 2006

"The Insurance Company That Isn't"

With March here "coming in like a lion", I'm hoping that on this last day of the month it'll go "out like a lamb", especially considering the damage to this month's tornado damage has yet to be repaired.

Finally just last week we had an adjuster come by, and then last Friday, we also got in a paper telling us how much we'd get to do our repairs. To our dismay, it was only about 1/4 of the estimates, so fixing any damage to the roof is out of the picture. We'll be lucky if we can use this money to cover the damage to the vinyl siding and broken windows.

Then our insurance company did a really nice thing to us: they cancelled our house insurance giving the reason that we were a few days late in our payment last time! So here we sit with no house insurance at all.

The local insurance firm did send us quotes from another company, but the trick here is that we need to repair the damage first before we insure with them, as they'll send someone down to take pictures of our house. If they see the damage they'll either not insure us, or our payments will be higher.

So, "Good Luck" to all of you out there if you have your house insured through Planters. For goodness sake, never be a day late with your payments even if, like us, you've always made it, and never have any house damage, cause,'ll just be sh*t outta luck.


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