Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Just Some of the Clean-Up"

After working all day yesterday my usual 9-1/2 hours at work, I came home and raked up tiny twigs from the tornado of late for a good two hours. I raked them onto a tarp to drag off to the brush pile. The thing must have weighed close to a hundred pounds; the stack was a good five foot square by two foot tall!

And there's still thousands of tiny twigs on the yard, even after another raking today and mowing. I spend yet another solid five hours just doing yard work today on my day off. Putting all the wood my wife had saved for various craft projects and the like around the back just so it couldn't be viewed from the road, sweeping off the road in front of my house of twings and cleaning out the water gulley, picking up broken glass and just general clean-up. I also heard from my insurance company who said an adjuster would be getting in touch with me in a day or two.

And I killed a two-foot snake who was hiding under some rotting wood. I don't usually kill snakes and they don't bother me as long as I see them in time. But this one had an attitude and was trying to bite me, and, actually, I think it was a copperhead. Not sure. Just know it's a dead snake now.

And that's been the entirity of today. Now I'm worn out and trying to relax a while since I have another two days at work before I get another day off. 'Course, that day I've got to drive a good fifty miles to the bank who holds the morgage on this house for it's five year refinancing, go pick up my pay check and deposit it, etc.

It never seems to end.


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