Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Fred Says...."

Was going to post some political comments today regarding the Easter Egg Roll last Monday on The White House Lawn, but I think I'll just let that slide. I mean, it's all a conflict between people, mainly of the Christian belief, who claimed having gay couples (which were designating themselves as gay) were making a political statement, when the whole thing was about fun for the kids. But, you know, Easter Bunnies and eggs have absolutely nothing to do with Chritianity anyway, since they're pagan symbols. So...let's just move on to something else instead.

Let's talk about the above comic magazine I got in today's mail, published by FantaCo in 1980, all of which is written and drawn by Fred Hembeck (Fred's page has a link in the right-hand column).

Funny stuff!

The caption on the cover pretty much says it all: "Jonn Jonzz meets The Human Torch, Jonah Hex Meets Archie, Power Man Meets Power Girl, and much, much more!" All in Fred's unique style, which, is pretty much of a hoot! I especially enjoyed the app.'s of the Charlton versions of Abbott & Costello (my fave of the late 1960's-early 70's humor comics!)

This is one of those late bronze age-type mags that I miss seeing around these days. Thank goodness for blog sites!


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