Friday, April 21, 2006

"OPG Concerns"

Seems to be a lot of conflict regarding the new Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide this year. Seems they've eliminated the Grading Section. Now...what good is a price guide that relies on listing of different condition grades without an explanation of what conditions such grades should be?

Furthermore, why would they eliminate this in the first place when all other editions have had this section? Could it be that this company is publishing a new "Grading Guide" themselves and wants everyone to have to purchase a seperate book? Hmmmmmmm?

Well...that;'s they way A LOT of fans & collectors see it, and, quite frankly, they're pissed.

Me? I only buy a new OPG every 2 or 3 years. The types of comics I collect and the grades they're usually in don't change that much off and on. And I personally don't collect comics for their monetary value, but for their entertainment value. But...if I could make some changes to this publication, the following would be :

1) Alphabetize everything. Combine ALL of the listings no matter what the age of the book, eliminating the seperate Platinum and Victorian sections. Dump the BLB ("Big Little Books")section altogether.

2) No ads except for a listing of comic shops in each state and stick that in the rear of the book (OTHER books you buy have no ads, so "why" this one?)

3) The Gallery sections fine; I like seeing old covers, but go back to the "4-t-a-page" format (no full pagers) and no reproductions of the original artwork for the Guide's covers.

4) No Price Listing for what they think back issues of the OPG are worth.

5) Only ONE main article per volume (on whatever the theme of that particular volume's about.)

6) Definately a Grading Guide for the idiots that buy this or they'll all think their comics are in Mint!

7) No Market reports. Comic Book Dealers already know what's selling and what is not.

8) A true value reflection of what "bulk" buying is really worth.i.e., re: modern comics from 1990 to Present.

9) Only one cover version, please! Extra cover art means extra cost. Want to make this Guide more attractive to me as a Buyer? Lower that price!


At 6:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with all your points except for the market report. In the first place, anyone who needs a grading guide is probably interested in whether anything he is wanting to grade is heating up or cooling off. In the second place this is where you can find out news of what showed up in the past year that you had never heard of before.

At 5:17 AM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

I must admit that I occasionally look at what prices various comics are going for these days, but really I use The Guide more for a reference source to tell me which issues have certain artists in them that I'd like, or maybe if I'm trying to complete sets just to let me know how many was in the run. I'd really rather see the market report left to the spiral version produced specifically for comic dealers, tho'.


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