Monday, April 17, 2006

"New BEATLES Sightings"

Got in a copy of Beatlology magazine from 2005 that I recently won on an auction. The main reason I wanted this issue is because of an article which appeared in in regarding "Beatles App.s In Comic Books".

I found the article pretty accurate. A few mistakes and typos listing the incorrect number of an issue, or perhaps a different interpretation of the information than I have in my own "Beatles & Bizarros" blog page , but overall, not bad. (I can't say this as a fact, but I have a feelin' that this writer has visited my site on occasion due to the esoteric listings which are a reflection of many of those I've got).

The writer listed 114 app.'s and interestingly enough, I had all except for 12 of these already listed myself. After much close and careful research on those particular listings, I was able to narrow that down even more so that there was only 7 that I didn't have, and those I added more information to (such as specifics of the app.'s, month dates, etc.), and now those are listed on my site as well.

Here following is a list of what new additions there are to the list:

Regular comics:

The One Lmt. Series (Marvel) #6 (5/86) Cameo.

Barbie (Marvel) 42 (6/94) App.

Thrillkiller (DC) 1 (1/97) Cameo.

Direct Sale comics:

Night Life (Strawberry Jam) #1 (1986) App.

Music Comics On Tour: The Beatles (Personality Comics) 1 & 2 (BOTH 1992) Covers & app.'s/ NOTE: There's a Lmt. Edition version of No.1 that also exists which contains Trading Card Inserts and has a higher cover price.

Strangers In Paradice (Abstract Studios) #66 (6/2004) John (Lennon) Tribute Page.

Taking a quick count of the number of listings I personally have, it's approx. 250 such, not just in comic books, but also in comic book related magazines, comic book trade paperbacks and regular-size comic book related paperbacks. Not to brag, but honestly, I think it's probably the most complete listings of app.s, parodies, cameos, "mentions", etc. anywhere around (but...I could always be wrong).

Beatles & Bizarros was my first blog site, predating this one by several months, and it wouldn't have been possible had it not been for several of my good friends over on The Comics Chat Board (also see link) who helped me gather, correct and add new listings from time to time (so, Thanks, Guys & Gals!)
And, I'm always looking for more referances to "The Fab Four" in comics, as well as any information where I may have a question mark next to the listing, or, corrections to any mistakes I've made, so as usual, any additional help is always appreciated. I'm possitive there's more app.'s, cameos and the like appearing in various issues of titles published by Revolutionary Comics, especially of such performers as Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Bob Dylan, etc. So, if anyone out there has any of those issues, what I need (as always) are specifics: Issue #'s, month and year date of issue, and a small summary. (Thanks!)


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