Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Boring Tuesday"

To quote a friend, "NASA is looking for a few good men...and some crazy bitches!"
This whole astronaut thingy in the news is something else, ehh? Isn't it nice to know that, I'm sure, she passed a psycho-test for NASA before being on a space shuttle? (Geez.)

Well...it's a gloomy and cold day here in South-Central, KY., today, with predictions of...rain? Snow? Once again the weathermen are blindfolding themselves and throwing darts at some board with various weather conditions listed on it. Currently it's around 30 degrees with that dropping sharply as night approaches.

"Things' are sorta boring here today for me on a day off. Went outside and filled up the myriad number of bird feeders I have, and later spotted (at one time), 2 cardinals, 2 squirrels, a robin, a woodpecker, a flicker and two or two other birds all having a feed.

Worked on a little new artwork, did a load of laundry, watched a little t.v.; in other words, pretty much just have wasted the day. At times like this I just as well be at work trying to catch up with "things" as just siting on my hindend. Besides, when I'm here like this I want to munch too much on junk, and Lord knows I could stand to drop a few pounds.


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