Saturday, September 01, 2007

"September Begins"

Ah yes. The first day of September, 2007, and the real beginning of The Labor Day weekend.

Was watching the news recently about the republican candidates for the next presidential election, and the thought came to me about what a terrible waste of money and effort that will be. It's time for the ol' switcheroo on a political pary as president, and I think just about everyone really knows that. A republican doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting elected next time, so why even bother? The democrates could simply draw straws to figure out which one will be our next president. Come on! You KNOW that's true. And this is coming from someone that's registered as an independent, but favored the republicans in the last presidential election.

Such a waste of money that could be used towards some sort of national health care program for those who aren't poor enough that the government just gives that to them, or the very rich who can afford it.

Seems like a lotta money is wasted or misused these days. here in Kentucky, our Governor Fletcher keeps stating that he'll block any efforts for casinos, but he makes no mention of the legalized gambling they call: The lottery. Go ahead and let them have casinos. We've got the lotto, scratch lottery tickets, and gambling on horse racing, so why stop there? And, once again, WHY isn't some of this tremendous amount of money being spent on various gambling not being taxed and used toward either a national OR state-wide health care program??? Screw education. We've given millions already to that here in KY. and it hasn't educated anyone enough to know that the lottery, horse racing bets, etc. aren't just a losers' game anyway. The lottery, for one, should be taxed out the butt. At least 10% of every dollar won playing it should go into such a fund to help the dying middle-class who aren't growing any younger.

And enuff o' dat.

Mowing my yard today was sorta a mute point. It was just tall in small areas, and the rest was dead. Where it was needing a mowing it took me less than a half hour to do. I think this makes 33 days here 'bouts with less than 1/2 inch of rainfall. The temperatures are a bit milder, however, and looks like perhaps the days of three-digit degrees are over for this year. (But you never know.)

We were busy at work today, but I could tell a definate drop in the number of people on the road. Most of our sales were good sales, and some high dollar ones, but it's a decrease from last years' figures I can tell. It may get better; we still have Sunday and Monday to go yet.


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