Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Tuesday's Child..."

Busy day for me.

I was only scheduled for 5 hours work at my regular job today, getting off at 1PM, but last week while ridding the side of the house which belonged to my late father-in-law from vines and the like, I got into some poison ivy (of which I am deathly allegic!) It began popping out on my arms almost immediately, then began to spread, and I knew that I had to break down and go see a doctor today and get something for it before it infected my entire system.

Last time I had a case of it really bad was in '78, when I cleaned out a fence row wearing only flip-flops, cut-offs and a pair of sunglasses. Within a week I was VERY ill, so I knew what I'd be facing again if I let it go too long.

So after work I had made an appointment with my family doctor to see me, which he wasn't there so I opted for his "nurse practicioner" (a lovely little gal who I'd met numberous times at the nursing home where she visits and checks over my dad). The receptionist and she alike were somewhat taken back when they noticed I hadn't been there in nearly 4 years, but, I'm just the sorta guy that rarely gets sick. Besides, I really have to be on a death bed to see a doctor. I have absolutely no health insurance and knew this was coming right out of my pocket (You know what I mean? I'm the "working middle-class", which pays for EVERYONE ELSE'S health insurance). The receptionist got a little tickled when she asked me if I had any insurance and I replied, "Sure! I've got auto, house, theft, and everything else sort of insurance. Get someone to pay for those and maybe I can afford health insurance as well!"

Anyway, I was given the option of either a shot ($30.) or steroid pills ($8.). I asked the practicioner which one she would recommend, and said that she had a case of poison ivy recently and used the pills and they worked just as well; just took a few days longer, so I went that route.

Before I left she said she wanted to take my blood pressure just in case she didn't get to check it for another four years! (LOL!) It was perfect, really: 120 over 80. Couldn't be better.

Then I went and got my meds, came home and went down to my mom's house and mowed her yard with the riding mower, then over to my own house and did my back yard. Finished that and came home and used the push mower to complete the yard here, and will return tomorrow afternoon to do the same to mom's yard. Tomorrow morning will give me a chance to finish work on my walkway on a full day off.


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