Saturday, October 06, 2007

"The Big Auction"

Well, the big auction was today on my late father-in-law's estate. Overall, I thought it a bit of a disapointment. After the house and land and antique autos all sold, the auctioneers were practically giving things away in this where all sales were final. I saw a whole bed w/mattress go for a couple of bucks. A sectional for a couple of dollars. There were a few things that interested me that went for a few bucks more than I wanted to pay for them; namely all of the old l.p.s. But I had already gone thru those records (more than once) and pulled what had really interested me, so when the boxes started getting in the $30-range, I let them go.

In fact, the only thing I bought for myself was an old combined turntable/radio/8-track system of which I paid the grand price of $1. The only reason I wanted it was for the two nice Magnovox speakers (which are better than the ones I have on my old system). My wife did spend thirty-some-odd bucks on an antique peddle-type sewing machine and a couple of tables.

The '39 Ford in the antique cars went the highest at almost $6,000., but the other ones, some mainly just for parts, went about that much "as a whole". The house and 4 acres of land sold for $128,000.00, and the adjacent lot for $12,000. Box after box of misc. stuff went for just a few bucks in lots and tools sold fairly cheap. We won't know the totals for a few days, but my rough estimate would be somewhat over $160,000. for everything (but I could be mistaken). This finally brings some closure to my wife and her family which began with her mother getting ill from cancer in 1999. It's been a long 8 years for us all.

My mom rode up there with us, so part of the day I spent mostly relocating her a seat somewhere that it was shady. I spent more money on drinks and snacks than anything else, but it was for a good cause as all sales from this concession went to a family member who has a cancerous tumor. I think they raised around $200. in donations for this person.

On the way back I stopped at both Waldenbooks and B&N bookstores and picked up several new comics, such as Action 855, Emily the Strange The Death Issue 1, Fantastic Four 549, JLA Classified 42. Superman 667, and Teen Titans 49, all of which I'll review after a read. ( I also found a nice hardcover book on George Harrison in the markdowns at B&B.)


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