Monday, October 01, 2007

"Quickie Movie Review Part TWO"

SHOOT 'EM UP: Starring Gary Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci, it reminds me of a "carrot-eating" Punisher except that is has a lot more violence and bullets and blood, and a bit of wry humor along the way. In fact, had I a nickle for every round shot off in this flick I could safely retire and hire someone else to write these blog reviews.

The premise of this flick is an ill senator harvesting DNA from babies in an attempt to cure himself, and the flick begins where Owen is sitting in an alley and suddenly a pregnant woman runs past him being chased by a gun-toking assailant. She tries to defend herself by killing (shooting) the attacker, but her gun jams and the guys starts to kill her, which gets Owen involved in the story, killing the man, and delivering the woman's baby right in the midst of a heavy gun battle.

The woman's gets killed as they persure her and Owen (who calls himself, "Smith") so he spends the remainder of the flick trying to keep the baby safe as well as a hooker (Belucci) lover of his that's helping protect the child, and trying to find out what the hell's all going on that everyone wants the infant dead.

He shoots a LOT of people. He does a lot of great acrobatics, whether himself or stunt doubles, and there's just a ton of action all thru the thing, whether it's a car chase or jumping from an airplane with gun-toking skydivers after him, firing as he heads to the ground at 150 miles per hour.

And it ends happily.

Giamatti does well as a quite evil sort of bastard intent on killing both the infant and "Smith".

This is sort of a flick that I can't honestly grade since it's one of those perfect-for-what-it-is sort of things. A lot of people won't like it; a lot of people will. Just depends on whether you like a movie with a lot of people getting shot all to hell all the way thru it. As to whether or not I personally enjoyed it, all I can say is that I was able to watch the entire flick, and was able to make sense of the story. Once again I do have to state that I'm not sure if it's worth paying to see at an actual theatre. Rental is probably one's best answer here.


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