Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Quickie Movie Review"

DRAGON WARS: The first 20 minutes or so of this flick pretty much explains the whole premise of the story, which revolves around two reincarnated oriental lovers. The woman holds the spirit of the good dragon, and her lover is her protective warrior. There's an evil dragon in the plot which failed to become the most powerful of its kind 500 years ago, and so, after 500 years, this dragon creature (more like a gigantic snake) appears again to do battle.

After the introduction sequences, this is mostly non-stop action, from the evil dragon creature tearing up a city, to dragon warriors battling the police and the army in the middle of a large city as they persue the reincarnated good spirit dragon (now in the body of a young caucasian girl named, Sarah), to the battle between the good and evil dragon at its conclussion. The story is a little cheesy, but it's well-worth watching just for the nice special effects. Had it better acting, I'd rate this movie with a better grade. But, as it is, I'd put it in the "B Minue to C+" Catagory. Probably a good date flick more than anything else. May not be worth your money to actually go to the theatre to watch, however (personal opinion).


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