Friday, November 16, 2007

"11/13 thru the 16th."

Was re-watching a copy I had of the "Spider-man 3" flick, thinking how very bad that movie actually was compared to the second one. Everytime you turned around the characters were shown without their masks, there was way too much silliness in the nightclub scene with Parker, the continuity of the characters were destroyed, the history of Spider-man ruined, and just how many people know that Spider-man IS Parker now? Just every villian he's encountered and all of his friends (at least, the ones still living). 'Bout time they just ended that series until they get a director with a little knowledge about the last 45 years of Marvel Comics. (Stan, you outta be ashamed to have even made a cameo in it).(Tuesday: 11-13-07)

The last two days at work have been middlin to slow. But what customers we did have spent well and it appears that perhaps Christmas shopping has begun. I expect the weekend to be fairly busy.

Rain has dominated the last couple of days here. It was about 70 degrees yesterday, and today never made it to the 50's. In fact, early today I actually saw the first few snow flakes of the season. It wouldn't surprize me that we have a bitter Winter, which isn't good what with rising fuel costs.

Presently though it's cleared off and just got colder. It's a shame that some of this, what seems to me, excessive rain, couldn't be falling more in Georgia and Alabama where it's really needed.

Tomorrow my wife starts setting up her craft space at a local Christmas store, which will stay open for a month or so in the downtown area in a building that's been renovated for rental space. We hope to do well there. She'll have to work the space at least 3 times a week until that closes. Saturday will be the first day it actually opens for business.

Something that reflects a pretty sad showing of how part of this country feels. I heard a report that a large college campus was polled on whether they would like a new Ipod, but to obtain it they'd have to give up their right to vote in the '08 presidential election. 25% voted that they would indeed give up this right for a new toy. This sort of burns me up, thinking about how many service men are being and have been killed just to protect such rights that this group, obviously, takes completely for granted. A fitting punishment, to me, for such people would be to remove all or their rights and liberties. The issue here is not whether one if for this current foreign involvement/war or not. This is just a pure insult and slap in the face to our servicemen and women. Hell; I'm not even pro-war and I can see that. Very sad, indeed. And what's even more sad that that is that one of their liberties in this country is to have such an opinion. (Thursday: 11-15-07)

Got off about 2-1/2 hrs. early from work today since I was going into O.T.. Came home to check the mail and found that the transfer title from the Cheve S-10 had arrived, so I called mom and told her I was coming down there to get the other info altogether on that. She asked me if I'd start the truck and let it run for a while and pull it a little further up in the yard. But when I tried that I found the battery had run down so now I'll have to go back down there tomorrow and charge it up again.

But while I was down there and had a hour or better of daylight still left I aired up the low tire on the riding lawnmower and mulched up her leaves, which had finally covered most of the front yard. I'll need to rake out the rest into piles where I can get to them and finish that up, probably tomorrow as well. Plus, I'm sure her gutters are full of leaves as well and need re-emptying, as more tha likely, mine do too, plus I have more leaves to mulch in my own yard again.

Actually got to watch "Smallville" last night. Looks like the Supergirl Saga continues. I really wish they hadn't made Jor-El's brother, "Zor-El", evil. But I suppose they're trying to reflect a little of what's curently in the Superman mythos

Supergirl's origin was always a little odd anyway back in the silver-age pre-Crisis days. I mean,
Argo City gets blown free from the explosion of Krypton, and its inhabitants survive due to a protective dome "bubble" that surrounds the city, right? Obviously with no doors because the atmosphere remained intact! Then, because it was from Krypton, the ground becomes kryptonite! Yikes! Ummm...but why didn't the buildings and everything else become kryptonite as well??? And how did the population survive long enough with all of that Green-K exposure to cover every square inch of ground with lead sheets? And, where did they get all of that lead in the first place? Had to be at least a 100 square miles worth!

Oh a kid that all seemed plausible to me and like many others we just ate up all of that silliness.(Friday: 11-16-07)


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