Monday, December 31, 2007

"Final 2007 Comments"

And here it is the final day of 2007. My, my "how time et all".

Didn't make it back to my comic shop before the end of the 20% off sale this month so I simply gave my mom the extra cash I had saved up, paying it on the pick up truck I bought from her. Figured she could use it more than I.

I did, however, use the "Buy It Now" option to pick up some comics I "wanted" (not that I really needed them, but they interested me). The set I bought was of AC Comics Americomics #'s 1 thru 4 & Special #1 (from the 1980's). You may remember me talking about how I always liked their title, FemForce and that this company had actually been the one to revive the "Blue Beetle" character before DC got hold of the Charton rights. Well, not only did AC do a BB story in Americomics #3 (also starring the original Golden Age, Fox, later Charlton, BB) , but united four different Charlton heroes in the pages of their Americomics Special #1 (1983), those being "Captain Atom, The Blue Beetle, The Question & Nightshade". This was the first app.'s of Blue Beetle and Captain Atom since issues 1 & 7 of the 80's Charlton title, Charlon Bulleye V2 (which the first volume was an in-house fanzine of this company, publishing otherwise, UNpublished CA stories and the like), and it predates DC Comics' acquisition of the Charlton rights by a couple of years when they became part of the storyline in Crisis of Infinite Earths.

AC had a knack for reviving several GA type characters, or ones closely resembling such, with versions of The Phantom Lady, The Black Terror, Captain 3-D, and others. Bill Black did a pretty decent job with that company during its exisitence. And sometime in the future I need to pick me up the final issue (#6) of Americomics and a decent replacement for my #5 (since it's condition is "the pits").

In other news...

Yet another odd 70's DC Kirby book I've won is this Kobra #1 (actually, I just need a #7 to complete this esoteric title), and from the same seller, this This "reader copy" S-Age Marvel comic (just 'cause I always thought it had a classic cover).

I think my comic book collecting goal for 2008 will be to finally finish the DC 70's Kirby books, and then concentrate on the Moore issues of Swamp Thing, since I always like to try to find comics that I know I'll like.

So, here's to all my friends and readers and otherwise who have visited on "Elmo's junction", wishing you all only the best in the upcoming year.


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