Saturday, November 17, 2007


My flea market find of the day was a copy of the 1969 flick, "The Magic Christian", starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, among many, many other great stars of that time. I have looked around for a dirt cheap copy of this flick for probably 20 years.

I mean, it's a Beatles' Collectible, and was one of the few movies I didn't have featuring "The Fab Four" (or individual members thereof). In fact, I think that maybe the only other flicks I might still need would be copies of "Son of Dracula" and "200 Motels" (both of which also have appearances of Ringo).

"The Magic Christian" is a fun little 101 minute romp for Ringo, and was his first flick after the breakup of the group. He plays a orphan vagabond in London who is adopted by the world's richest man (Sellers) who likes to "wake up" his fellow man by doing outrageous acts. And we get to see a lot of great actors playing along with this game, such as Rachael Welch branishing a whip (and the memorable line by the guy she uses it on saying, "Good God, that felt Good! Do it again!"), and Yul Brenner in drag, and Christopher Lee playing his Dracula part, the always funny John Cleese, and others such as Richard Attenborough and Roman Polanski.

Throw in Paul McCartney's hit, "Come and Get It" (perfoirmed by "Badfinger"), and one obtains a cult classic. This copy will do until I can find it on a dirt cheap DVD!

Otherwise today it was back down to mom's to finish raking and mulching her leaves, charging up the battery in the pickup, mulching/raking MY OWN leaves agaian, grocery shopping and the like, so it's been a fairly busy day.


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