Thursday, January 03, 2008

"The Cold Months Begin"

And with this, the first post of 2008, we wake up here in South-Central, Kentucky to a temperature of 17 degrees! The high today is only supposed to be 25; well below freezing. (I hate to see my heating bill for this month!) Tomorrow the high is 32 (right "at" freezing), and then finally, a warm up to the 50's and even the 60's by the end of the weekend.

("Puck hate cold.")
Work's pretty slow this time of the year. Honestly there's not a whole lot for me to do there, and only two people are on the schedule each day save the weekend. Usually the mornings are VERY slow and no one wants to get out until around noon (can't blame them; I wouldn't either unless I had to). Don't even have any stock to replenish my shelves much at the moment until the trucks start rolling back in here. Hopefully that'll be in a day or two and I can keep busier.

Trouble is, that when it gets busy, it gets REAL busy for me, not just with restocking shelves but assembling items we've been out of for a while, and it turns into one of those "run all day-type situations". Add that to people hollering at me over the radios to sell a trailer, cut a key, etc., etc....well. You get the picture.

After work last night I came home and put more plastic over one of the living room windows and then hung some new curtains my wife had made that were lined. Got more of those to do today. We definately need a better heating system in this old house and that's one of the first things to look into this year, especially when the tax return comes in and we have the cash to do so. We need to put a new roof on this house as well. Always something when you buy your own place.

And I finally got out in this bitter cold today to do a little shopping and to stop by mom's and warm up the pick up for a while (since I finally got that running again recently by purchasing a new battery for it). While at my mom's, I went thru those 2,200+ comics I'd pulled to sell as a lot as there were a few I decided just to keep for now. The ones I pulled were runs of Cyber Force, Sable and things like a set of the Marvel L.S. Majic 1-4 and four various AC western pubs with photo covers (just 'cause I liked those). I figured I could sell the "Majic" series seperately sometime, and the "Sables" (although not the set by Mike Grell as this is the First Comics series of 1-20) was still a character I always enjoyed reading. The "Cyber Force" issues mostly have Silvestri artwork and they were one of the few titles that company published at that time that I bought with regularity (the other titles being "Savage Dragon" & "Storm Watch"). Their absence from the lot scarcely makes a dent, anyway.(Wednesday: Jan. 2nd., 2008)

Well I survived the bitter cold from the past two days and it's not supposed to be as bad tomorrow. In fact, it's supposed to warm up to the 50's today! Joy! Joy!

Rough day at work. Got off early but that just meant having to run around quicker than usual to try to get everything done, and tomorrow won't be much better.(Thursday: Jan. 3rd., 2008)


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