Friday, March 07, 2008

"Getting Some Down Time"

A bit worn...the cover's loose from the comic...a little foxing about the staples...but a complete and very readable copy of Fantastic Four (Marvel) #16 (1963). It's a comic that I just got in from an auction win.

Of the issues of FF published with a '63 cover date, I'm not sure if that one's my very favorite (just because it's difficult to pick just one), but it's definately up there with the top two due to it featuring both the FF AND, another personal favorite Kirby creation, "Ant-Man". It also has a very small cameo of "The Wasp"; possibly her second app. since she first appeared in Tales to Astonish #44 (6/63) and FF 16 is dated 7/63.

This issue contained other important bits of Marvel-FF history, with the 4th. app. of "Dr. Doom", and the introduction of "the micro-world". Par usual, Doom escapes the FF at the end of this issue, but you know he'll pop up back into their lives just a few issues later. Great artwork by Kirby and unforgetable dialogue by Stan from Marvel's sweetest silver-age period. A time which will end with the early part of '64, post John Kennedy's assassination, and the introduction of The Beatles to U.S. audiences.

Many "things" have occured since my late post.

Today, for one, where we began the morning with a light snow, which turned over to sleet, then rain, back to a frezing rain, and back to sleet and into snow. Most of Kentucky is under a Winter storm warning until 3 PM tomorrow with chances of local accumulation up to 6 inches(Ouch!). Sunday the temperatures will break a bit up above freezing and the roads may once again become passable. I'm slated off the next three days, which is good as I don't want to be out there in this mess. Guess it'll give me some time to catch up with some reading, artwork, house chores and the like. Maybe I'll even get a chance to list a few more items on eBay auctions.

Currently I have three items listed: a lot of bronze-age misc. comics, a lot of "Jonah Hex" comics and a pocket knife. I think I'll probably make up at least two large lots (40+) of various Image comics which date back to its beginnings in the early 1990's. So, if you're an Image fan and missed those and wanna get them probably cheap, in the next day or so you can see those listed HERE.

Thus today ended my straight run of 8 days working. I had to be there every day at work this week since I was the only other person available that was trained to ring up customers in our wholesale department which the boss and his wife were on a buying spree for the store out west. They're back now, tho', so I guess I can get back to doing just my regukar work in retail.

Tomorrow I think I'll get around to watching a copy of the DVD, "Across the Universe". I'll let you know what I think about that soon.


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