Friday, April 25, 2008

"An Amazing Donation!"

Well it's all over the "comic news" today that the original artwork pages for Amazing Fantasy 15 (first app. of "Spider-man", of course) has been donated to The Library of Congress. If you'll click Here it'll tell you more about this generous donation.

Makes me wonder about the covers to this comic, however, and "who/whom" it might be that actually have them? There were two different covers done for that comic. One was penciled by Kirby and (presumingly) inked by Steve Ditko, and the other was both penciled & inked by Ditko. The Kirby/Ditko was used and is the icon any comic book fan worth his salt knows, although the other has been reproduced both in B&W as well as color over the years. (It's a shame we'll never know exactly how that Ditko version would have looked colored as the coloring job was done years later, rather than in 1962.)

And, speaking of artwork, I still occasionally have something new to show over on my "Unpublished Artwork" link in the right column. I change this without warning, but if you're so inclined you might want to check that out from time-to-time just to see if it's been changed.


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