Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Hell's Bells"

Well today at work after ordering many tools and selling a trailer, wholesale drags over this entire skid of No.2-size iron dinner bells for me to rummage through whose boxes had all gotten damaged in shipping. It was a mess.

It appeared that this bunch had gotten crushed from the weight of other tools and every box there was literally all to pieces. So much so, that the most I could do was check each box to make sure the bell was complete, then use spare pieces of cardboard and duct tape to reconstruct each box. There was 13 bells, and out of these I got 12 complete ones (one missing or lost parts and with a broken yoke). Needless to say, we now have an over-abundance of large dinner bells in retail for sale.

And in today's mail I received some sets I'd won from auctions: Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil limited series 1-4 (DC), the 2003 DC Dr. Fate limited series 1-5, plus 15 misc. issues of Powers (published by both Image and Icon-Marvel). Naturally, reviews will be forthcoming.

However, first I want to finish re-reading my DC Watchmen TPB. I was looking for something good to read last night and drug that out and re-read about 1/2 of it. It's just as good as the first time I read it around 20 years ago. I'm anxious to see the movie they're making from that classic Alan Moore series (and just hope that someone doesn't screw it up as bad as their attempts of OTHER Moore material).


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