Friday, April 18, 2008

"Into the Weekend"

And in today's mail I received issues #'s 1 thru 14 of the current DC Blue Beetle series, which I'll be reviewing as I have time to read them. The dealer was nice enough to add a couple of bonus issues: Transmetropolitan #52 & Trigger #6 (both DC-Vertigo titles).

Although I'm very familiar with Transmetropolitan, this will be the first issue of Trigger I've read. All of which will fall into reviews later on.

Naturally I survived the "big quake" of '08. In fact, I slept right thru it as did my wife and cat. Although they asked me at work if I felt the tremor, I simply told them that at 4:30 CST this morning my wife told me "she felt the ground move", to which I replied, "You're welcomed." (*heh*)

Anyhoo...they finally got all of the shingles on the back of my roof now and just lack some touchup things like a little flashing, etc. being done with that. While the roofer was here I went ahead and asked him to give me an estimate on the small overhang roof over the back of the pantry which also needs new shingles and an old piece of rotting wood replaced. Plus I want a piece of flashing put between the back of the utility room and the adjoining enclosed pourch where it'd been leaking. Getting that done will pretty much get us fixed up with the outside of this old place at the moment save for some gutting.

I took off work at noon today because the boss lady wanted me to work for her this coming Sunday, only to have to waste both my gas and time going back to work for 20-30 minutes to repair the pc printer, simply because those still at work were so incompetant they couldn't do it themselves. Naturally everyone next door was either already gone for the day or didn't have a clue as to how to fix it. Same ol' crap as always.

I'm off tomorrow and hope to get to my comic shop where they're having a 20% off sale on DVD and CD's, but that's still uncertain. I definately want to get there on May 3rd. for "Free Comic Book Day", which runs during my vacation. Doing that and (hopefully) seeing the "Iron Man" movie will probably be the highlight for me that week.


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