Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Up On The Roof!"

As usual, what I thought might actually be a day that I could sit around and maybe (finally) relax a bit just wasn't meant to be.

As around 8AM my dentist called saying that there was an apointment that came opened for me to have this bad tooth extracted. I wasted no time and had this done and back home by 9AM.

But, being a very pretty day weather-wise here and in the 70's, the guy that's working on my roof came and started back on it early. Unfortunately, it was only him as he'd gotten fed-up with what "helpers" he had previously and had fired them all. Well...I certainly wasn't going to let him try to fix it all by himself, him being an old acquaitance and all, so I climbed up on the roof and we worked non-stop pretty much until 5:30 PM when we had the last of the heavy felt (tar) paper in place and metal flashing under some older shingles above this area as tonight it's supposed to start raining again and we certainly didn't want any more leaks.

Along the way, our good neighbor, Jim, stopped by and noticed we were working on this roof and went home and got his own hammer and nails and helped us considerably to accomplish this task. (After he left I finally ate my first solid meal in the past four or five days due to this old tooth being so sore.)

When the weather fairs up he hopes to have new help to finish this, but if not (and I'm off that day) I'll be back up there (mostly in his way, but) doing whatever I can on this. The upper part of the rear, right roof still needs to have the shingles removed and there's bad wood that'll simply have to be replaced. It appears that the last time this roof was repaired may have been as much as 60 years ago, perhaps even during WWII when there was a shortage of metal, and such things as tin was being recycled for use by the government (for the armed services). So there was absolutely no "flashing".

Also, there was as many of 5 various layers of OLD shingles, the bottom ones of which were wooden (cedar) as used back when. (WHAT A JOB!)

In other things...I called my mom to wish her a Happy Anniversary today, although it isn't officially that now since the passing of my dad. But had he lived just another couple of weeks they'd been married 65 years. It's a bitter sweet memory today and my heart certainly goes out to her.

In "comic news", I got in both full sets of the 1984 Fantagraphics' Dalgoda and the Upshot Graphics' Flesh & Bones Featuring Dalgoda limited series. What fun books these are! Wonderful storylines by Jan Strnad; delightful artwork by Dennis Fujitake! In a period of comic collecting we know as the 1980's, there was so very many great alternative choices we could read rather than something from just "the Big Two", such as Flaming Carrot, Cerebus, Grendel, Journey, (many, many more), and Dalgoda ranked right up there towards the top of my regular buying list of titles. I'm very pleased to once again have full runs of this character back into my current collection of comics.

I've won several good runs here lately, but they'll all be a while before getting to me, such as Charlton's 1980's series Charlton Bullseye 1-9, 25 misc. issues of Image's Big Bang, the first 14 issues of the current DC version of The Blue Beetle, and a small lot of 1960's-early 70's misc. Gold Key's. Currently I'm right in the middle of reading the DC 2007-08 limited series 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen, so that'll be the next title I'm sure to review here.


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