Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Blog Post #475"

DC's 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsmen limited series was published as a six issue limited series from October, '07 to March '08.

It was written by Keith Giffen, and illustrated by Pat Olliffe and John Stanisci.

Usually...I like just about everything that Keith Giffen has written. But I found this title pretty uninspiring, and the ending nonclimatic. It's not that it wasn't entertaining at all. In fact, there were some interesting issues, in particular, the final 3 of this 6 part series which featured appearances by The original Doom Patrol. And The D.P. were handled extremely well; better than they've been shown in some time over at DC. But it seems to me that this series was somewhat pointless to publish.

You have four different harbingers of destruction based on a Revelationist viewpoint that supposingly had already been destroyed by "Black Adam" in the "52" series, because the 4HM had destroyed his new Marvel Family, only to be accidently re-resuirrected by Superman and the gang. (Was this fight necessary?)

Could...just once...a comic book company NOT publish a dozen spin-offs from a series that was a bit over-rated over-all? Gotta give this one a "C" (and I'm pretty hard-pressed to do that).

And it was colder than the proverbial well-digger's a$$ today, or, at least "seemed" that way after we've been spoiled by higher temperatures the past couple of weeks, off-and-on, here in S-Central, KY. I stopped briefly by the local flea market on the way to work this morning and wished I'd worn something over my ears as that cold wind whipped them mercilessly.

I hurriedly looked through two stacks of misc. comics one dealer had on his table, priced at a dollar and up. He told me they were old. idea of "old" and his was a mile apart as I didn't see anything in there before 1979, and there's a reason why that's refered to as "the modern age of comics", you know. Still, they were right at the 30 year mark. Guess comics have to be at least 35 years old to me now before I consider them of any age.

Just misc. stuff, really. Image and the like and nothing special that I wouldn't have stuck in a "quarter box" had they been mine to sell.

Even with this cooler weather we were steady all day at work, especially after 10AM or so, and all the way up until closing at 5:30 PM. I suspect some of the traffic was spill-over from "Thunder Over Louisville" (the huge fireworks and aircraft display) which was happening today.


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