Saturday, April 05, 2008

"On This Day Between Days"

Today I finally got the courage up to tackle straightening up a back room, where one half contains approximately 50 long boxes of comic books, and the other half is primarilly for storage of my wife's items (mostly crafts and craft supplies).

The comic book section never needs straightening as I always keep it nicely stacked, but wife's section (hoo boy!); she just piles her crap...ummm...stuff in that part and it's always a mess.

So about 10 AM I begin on this, and I'd brought home a dozen various size large boxes from work that I'd broken down. As I started filling these, I'd tape the bottoms back together. I worked on it straight through for 2-1/2 hours, filling up several bags of old clothing to send to Goodwill, breaking down and hauling out scores of old smaller boxes as well as several garbage bags full of nothing but trash. Many items I took out and stored in the shed, then I had to sweep the floors, etc., etc.

When I finally stopped it still wasn't all perfectly stacked. In fact, there was still three of the large boxes I'd brought home unused, but at least now it looks much, MUCH neater and one has a good walkway through the room and a clear path to the ajoining utility room.

Early this morning before I got into all of that I ran down to the local flea market for a while. There was a guy there with some comics; maybe 200 of them, but modern stuff. He wanted too much for them of course ($1.00 each), but I did pick out a half a dozen which he sold to me for 5 bucks.

What I ended up with was a 1994 "Big Bang Comics 4-Pack"(opened) containing all four issues of that series (published by Calibur Press), and two different 2003 Marvel reprints which had originally been premiums enclosed in packages of their "Legends" action figure sets.

One of the reprints is of Silver Surfer #11 (originally published in 1969), and the other a reprint of The Uncanny X-Men #129 (first app. of "Kitty Pride/Shadowcat", and with John Byrne artwork). The SS #11 was, of course, in a "Silver Surfer" action figure package and the UX was, I believe, in a package containing a "Colossus" figure.

I also stopped briefly by the other flea market where one guy had 40+ various issues of different "Hulk" series and wanted $40. for the lot. It wasn't too bad a price but more than I can afford to let go of this week, especially since I'm trying to save back money for my vacation next month when our comic book store has a 20% off sale on back issues during "Free Comic Book Day" on May the 2nd.

Besides that, I'm a little short on hard cash this week due to only having 33-1/2 hours at work this past paycheck due to being off an extra day or two during the passing of my father (they don't give us grief pay where I'm employed).

We did, however, get in our check from the insurance company to help repair our roof damage over the kitchen. Unfortunately with all of the rain we've been having the past few days (up to 5 inches) the weather hasn't been fair enough for the workmen to start the reshingling. Currently we have a huge tarp' over that area, awaiting fairer and drier conditions.

And even with the somewhat wet grass here, I got out today between the rains and tried to mow a bit since it'd gotten so tall in places, especially around the front of the house. Come Tuesday I need to try to get out the riding mower and have it ready to mow both the back yards here and at my mom's.



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