Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"My Vacation....Thus Far"

As usual, I've done more each day on my vacation than I normally do at my regular job.

Chores accomplished thus far:

1) Kelzed and repainted stained areas in both the kitchen and back room where there had been water damage.

2) Scrubbed down, bleached and retouched up mildew spots on the back of the house where I had enclosed that pourch and around the bottom of the house.

3) Sprayed bleach water on the shingles on the back roof to kill any moss and algie.

4) Repainted boards where the gutters will be reattached from the man working on putting on new shingles.

5) Emptied all gutters of pollen and blossem pedals from trees.

6) Mowed the front yard.

7) Dug out my mom's flower bed and got rid of all the weeds, then replanted flowers.

8) Redid ceiling panels in both the entrance way and bathroom with new supports.

9) Other misc. chores.

10) Sat down here tonight and wrote this blog post listing what I've done to date.

Along the way I've managed to read a few comics. I'm working on "Part Two" of the Blue Beetle review, first trying to completely understand the events of the DC Infinite Crisis limited series just so I can do so. (Which is turning out to be the hardest part of it all!)

And today while I was next to the back of the house, I noticed something sticking partially up out of the ground. Digging that up I found it to be a toy pistol. When I got back inside, I scrubbed the dirt from it, and, amazingly, it cleaned up fairly well. Enough so in fact that I could read the inscription on the barrel which said: "Esquire, Amsterdam, N.Y.". Seems what I've found (after a bit of research) is a mini metal cap gun from the late 1950's-early 1960's made by the Esquire Novelty Company. HERE is what it looks like. It's approximately 6 inches in length, and was originally plated (since worn off), and the trigger/hammer spring mechanizm no longer seems to work. Worth virtually nothing save that it's just a little "buried treasure" that I can relate to: Old, worn, not quite as shiney, a little beat up, and with parts that no longer seem to work as they once did.

And I think tomorrow my wife and I may go to Elizabethtown, KY. where I can go by WaldenBooks and see if there's anything new in the way of comics I want. We'll probably go by the antique mall there as well (which has older comics for sale). Take a little break from this week of working around the house.


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