Monday, April 28, 2008

"The Vacation Begins!"

For those so inclined, here's a little Stan Lee Interview from the pages of this month's SCI-FI Channel Magazzine. Sort'a interesting as he talks about his cameos in the new "Iron Man" and "Incredible Hulk" flicks, and some new animated stuff he's involved in as well. (Just a few paragraphs from the world's greatest salesman and promoter.)

And I am Officially On My Vacation! Yes, at 5:30 P.M. CST tonight when I locked the door behind me at work I began my 7 day adsence from my job, or, at least the daily job I "go to". Let's hope the rest of this week isn't as bad as it started out for me today.

You see...I forgot and left my lights on the car last night, so this morning when I got out there to go to work in it, the battery was dead. Had to wake up my wife, let her get dressed and drive me to work in her van. And (wouldn't you know it?) I left my lunch bag IN the van, so no dinner for me until I went next door and had one of the women in the office pick me up a burger when they went out at noon. Then I had to get a ride back home tonight.

I planned on coming home and hooking up the battery charger...but then it started raining (still is). Finally I resolved myself to getting up fairly early tomorrow morning and putting about a 3 hour charge on it. I just hope it hasn't run down so much it won't take one.

I have been able to save up some cash to spend this week IF I can get around to the places I want to go.

In today's mail I got in both the set of Charlton Bullseye 1-9 as well as the DC Infinite Crisis set. Reviews here soon on both.


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