Friday, May 16, 2008

POST NO. 500!!!"

You would think that I'd have some really wonderful things to say here at this 4th. Anniversary of "Elmo's Junction" that you've never read before. But the honest truth is...that I'm pretty much just all "talked out".

In fact, when I began this blog as just a second thought back four years ago, I never dreamed that this long afterwards I'd still be rambling on regarding myriad and sometimes mundane things about my collecting habits, ideas, rants and personal comments about my life. In this past four years, a lot of shit has passed under the proverbial bridge.

My wife lost her father, and this year, I lost my own. That was a major thing in both of our lives. My wife became an orphan, and my mother, although relatively healthy, is frail at age 83.

I still have the same job I had four years ago, and not really any better off. In fact, if anything, I'm a little worse off due to the lack of any extra help and increasing responcibilities always piled upon me.

But then, the world is a different place in some respects, and in other respects, much the same.. Four years ago, we were at war in the Middle East. Okay. We're still at war there, but at least gasoline was cheaper and the economy was better. We were always busy at work, every day, even in the Winter time. Now we've cut back to three employees in retail and work no more than two at a time.

I was collecting comic books four years ago. I collect comics now, but each year have created a much better collection. Four years ago people were arguing about politics and presidential cantidates. And the same holds true this year.

So all's about the same, save for one thing. I'm four years older, and four years more tired. And I'm going to wind down this blog again for a while and go back to one or two posts a month, at least for a while, just to catch my breath and get some things in my personal life more in order. When I do blog a post, it'll contain assorted and random thoughts and stuff from a few days at a time (again), unless I really deem that something "important" has happened this deserves special mention.

Thanks to all who's been here with me (especially Steve W. & Dave J.). See everyone again in a bit.

~D. Puck'


At 6:22 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Congrats on the four years, and here's to many more. Years, and posts.


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