Monday, May 26, 2008

"Post No. 502"

"It's raining, it's pouring, and this day is boring me, to piec-cessss......"

And so much for Memorial Day '08 here in S-Central Kentucky where I'm sure the wetness has put an end to many planned outdoor activities.

For myself I had wanted to mow this yard, but this morning (with the day off) I first went down to the local flea market where I picked up a handful of misc. Whitman titles from the '70's. Nothing really special in them save that the stack contained a couple of issues of Super Goof, a comic of which I have a silly affection.

Then back by a yard sale or two, and my wife wanted to go to Wallyworld, which I took her as I needed a new pair of shoes. On the way home it began to sprinkle and I knew right then that I "should have" gotten out there and mowed early this morning. But, digressing aside...

Today's blog post is actually an inquiry as the which year the above pictured UK Rupert Bear Annual this might be? My best guess is late 1940's-Early 1950's, but I need an accurate and exact year if any of you out there is familiar with it. ("Rupert" is, of course, a famous children's character first created in the UK in the earlier part of the 20th. Century and still popular today). So sumbodi let me know (IF YOU know). Thanks!


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