Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Post No. 505"

REVIEWING: Batmobile Owner's Manual, by: Mike McAvennie (31 page hardcover, DK-DC Books, 2008, $19.99).

I admit it. I'm a real sucker when it comes to anything to do about The Batmobile.

I have a large personal collection of various Batmobiles; at least 60-75 different ones that range from the 1960's on up. I have die-casts, and remote controlled ones, plastic models, Mego and Hot Wheels. They're from every time period imaginable that represent this legendary vehicle. (I have one scarce RED battery-operated one worth a couple of C-Notes!) I've even gone to see two of the original Batmobiles that were used in the 1960's t.v. show. So right off I'm very biased to enjoy this book.

And it didn't let me down.

It begins with a 3-D cover, then contains all sorts of extras within its pages. Such as a blueprint for the vehicle, color swatches, foldouts, diagrams of both the entire car as well as the dashboard instruments, listings of weapon and anti-thief systems, the forensic laboratory, the engine diagram, a complete detailed lay-out of The Bat-Cave where it's kept, plus designs of the various models that have been used since its inseption in 1940.

The artwork is by Richard Chasemoore, EJ Su, Mathew at, John Mullancy, and Matt Dartford did the modeling for the front cover.

It's gaudy, over-sized, and over-priced for its content, and it's just simply wonderful! An "A+!" Rating from me.


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