Monday, May 12, 2008

"Post No. 499"

Sad news today. As many of you have already read in several different blogs, artist Gene Colan is very ill. Hope everyone keeps him in their thoughts. This gifted man gave us many a good memory especially in the silver age at Marvel, including such unforgetable work on titles such as Daredevil & Tomb of Dracula.

The above comic cover looks interesting, or so I thought while thumbing through a spinner rack in a nearly town today on my way back from picking up my repaired t.v. set (at last). I mean, here's two of Marvel's best: "The Hulk & Iron Man", together in one comic promising a great slug fest.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Comics such as this one is the main reason I don't buy many these days, and especially not Marvel titles. Within these over-priced (a whoppin' $3.99 cover price) pages I discovered 22 or so pages of artwork (counting the cover) of which were either full page or double-page spreads containing little or no dialogue. In fact, the whole script couldn't have taken over 20 minutes to write.

There was also 7 or 8 full size pages of advertisements, mostly for other Marvel titles. The story was only so-so with just a small amount of actual fight scenes. Here's a rarity for me to give any comic, but a deserving one for this issue of HULK (2008 series from Marvel) No. 2 (04/2008)="D Minus" (and shame on you, Marvel for even publishing it).

Thought about mowing today but after really taking a good look at my back yard have decided to put that off until Saturday, and then do both my own and my mom's yard. Besides, I'm having to charge that darn car battery again.

Had around a dozen full-size garbage bags full of (uncrushed) soda cans that I took for recyling for mom today. It was at least a year's worth and they brought $41.00, which just shows that it's hardly worth the effort to do this. In fact, I've stopped recycling cans now and willlet others at work keep any they find. I've been on this recycling cans since the early 80's and feel like I've done my fair share.

And, in other things...I'd noticed my car had been sluggish the past few days when I started it, but had always kicked on off since I charged the battery last week. When I left work last night it was very overcast and rainy so I turned on my lights, and wouldn't you know it? I forgot to turn them back off immediately after I got home.

However, I wasn't in the house a good ten minutes when I noticed we needed a loaf of bread and walked next door to the grocery. On my way back (maybe another 10 minutes later), I saw that my lights were on. I went right away, turned them off and started the car. So's, I thought all was well.

Then this morning I tried to start it again and it was a "no go". So I've got the charger back on the thing for another 3 hours to see if that'll finally correct the problem. I think I'm just going to have to stick me a note on my steering wheel to ALWAYS check the lights before exiting the vehicle!

NEXT: Post #500 & the 4th. year Anniversary of "Elmo's Junction".


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