Friday, November 14, 2008

"Post No. 573"

An interesting day (to say the least).

I hadn't been at work for an hour and a half when I get a phone call while I was pulling tools for the retail shelves. It was from my neighbor telling me my mother was real ill and she didn't even think she could walk out to the car to go to the emergency room.

I left work right away after telling the neighbor to call an ambulance (which I beat by a good ten minutes to her house). Mom had gotten really weak, short of breath and hard to speak. We feared, of course, that it may be her heart.

Once in the ER they checked her out and decided instead that she was dehydrated, which is something I suspected when I asked her how much liquid she'd been drinking. She said she'd drank several glasses of milk, but little water. Milk, of course, causes a build up of flem, and she needed water to clear that which she simply hasn't been drinking enough of.

After 3-4 hours at the ER, she was feeling better and released back home.

Being too late to go back to work by then (it was already 3 P.M.) I decided to start work on the yard since it hadn't been raked in 9 days and it was nothing but a sheet of leaves. I raked up 8 huge piles, some of which would rival the size and magnitude of The Giza Pyramids (okay...maybe not "that" large, but pretty damn BIG piles), and one long one that resembled the chain of Rocky Mountains. After which I had to just stop because it was too dark, so tomorrow it'll be a couple of hours hauling those all back to the brush pile to dump simply because it's waaaayyyy too much to even attempt to bag up or mulch.

Was hoping a lot of DC The Question would make it in the mail today, but no such luck. I recently won a run of #'s 1 thru 19 complete plus the first annual, which, when it arrives, will give me all but seven issues completing a set. This was yet another title that DC should have had as a Vertigo book, but maybe Vertigo's imprint wasn't around at that time? (I forget.)


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