Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Post No. 651"

Two (of several) lots I've recently won came in. I must say that I was very pleased with both.

The first lot was a binder filled with the first nine issues of Eternal's Archangels, the Saga; a religious-based company title which has always interested me to want to read, but I always deemed a bit too expensive to purchase due to its $4.50 (Ouch!) cover price. But I was able to win this set for less than $10.

The second lot contained 49 various modern comics plus 3 trade paperbacks. There was several issues of the current Wonder Woman title, DC's Amazons Attack L.S. 1, 2,, the new Power Girl #1, Dark Horse's Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd 1, 2, 4 & 5,, the first two issues of Marvel's new Savage She-Hulk L.S., and even an issue of America's Best Tom Strong's Terrific Tales that I needed. Also in the lot was a large number of Antartic Press "Gold Digger" titles (which I'll decided to either keep or re-sell after I read them), and lastly, three trade paperbacks: DC's Power Girl(collecting various stories), Marvel's Shanna the She-Devil (collecting the limited series by Frank Cho), and Spider-man and the Black Cat: "The Evil Men Do".

So....I got a WHOLE LOTTA good reading ahead of me I'm sure.

From good news, to bad news.

Yesterday while at work the man who reads the gas meter came by and turned off our gas! No. We'd paid our bill. What it was, was that he found a leak! So currently we are without heat (not needed at the moment) or hot water (which IS needed, but just an inconvenience not having). I had someone I could trust come by to see about repairs and it looks like that due to the lack of crawl space, and to save money, we're going to have to have the local gas company relocate our gas meter on the opposite side of the house and run a new line to connect to "the main". This will save us a lot of repair costs if we can get it done as then a line can be run straight through the wall and connect up to the heaters. The water heater we'll replace with an electric one. It's something we've needed to do anyway since we moved in here. It's about past its warrenty date anyway, and an electric one will save us some fuel costs. (I'll update you on this situation as it unfolds.)

In even sadder news..."R.I.P.: Gidget" (No. Not Sally Fields.) Gidget, the famous symbol for Taco Bell, has died at age 15. Her doctor said it was from a massage stroke. (An autopsy will be performed, however, just to make sure she wasn't doing any illegal drugs.)


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