Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Post No. 653"

(Where to start??)

I just finished a 10 day straight stretch at work, and finally finished digging that 85' X 12" trench for my new gas line as well as getting all the mowing done for both my mom and myself this week, when my wife gets bad news.

After she was laid off from work from her job of six years, she signed up for unemployment and received a few checks. She finally found a job at a little convenient-type gas/grocery mart, but quit after a week due to the owners constant sexual harrassment and spying on her from his house via the pc (one of the reasons multiple other emplyees quit before her I'm sure). She told them at the Employment Office that she'd quit and the reasons "why". Then she gets a phone call from the main office saying that she can't draw any further checks because that dumb a$$ at the local office put down that she left because of lack of work. Also, she has to pay back ALL of the checks; a total of $1,056.00.

She could file for an appeal, but everytime I've gotten just legally laid off from a job, the Employment Center here has always sided with the former employer and rejected my application.

(It's always sumthin.)

Anyway...That's the prime reason I haven't posted here on the blog for a little while. Not that I don't have a LOT of comments and reviews. In recent days I've received multiple lots of comics, most of which I've read. Runs of the current Wonder Woman title, Jim Lee issues of Batman, The Stormwatch TPB which reprints Warren Ellis's best run on the title, another TPB which reprints Ultimate X-men 1-3, Lobo Unbound 1-4, a big buncha bronze-age comics, etc., etc., all of which I just haven't had the enthusiasm to comment upon due to my every waking moment filled up with sumthin else.
Plus it's been hotter than hell the last few days. This sort of heat just drains me of any real energy. (I preserve much better in cooler weather.)

I did use the "Buy-It-Now" feature on eBay to purchase a copy of the late 1960's Charlton Comics' Thunderbolt #58, which was the only issue I needed to complete a set. I'm thinking about trying to get a full run of Judomaster as well as they contain back-up stories of one of my favorites from that company: "Sarge Steel"(who appeared in issues 91-98 of the title).

Found a few items at the local flea market in the past couple of weeks which included copies of Spider-man II (the only "store copy" I needed of those flicks), & the regular wide-screen edition of 300 both on DVD, plus the 2002 Paul McCartney 2-CD live Set.

Lastly, my best wishes to an old friend, Donny Jolly, who is in the local hospital with a bad lung infection. I've known Donny since I was 15 or so, which now makes around...ummmmm...43 years. Traded comics with him as a teenager. I recall the first time we traded I got a copy of Showcase 22 (1st. S-Age Green Lantern) from him (sure wish I stillhad it!). Hope he gets better and back outta there soon!


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