Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post No. 664"

I'm on a quest for a number of original covers I need to complete various comic books in my collections. Some of these I already have nice photocopies for, but I'd really prefer to find the originals (there's also a few centerfolds I've listed as well). I don't expect to get them for free; I'll pay any reasonable price for these as long as they're complete and in at least "Good" shape. So look through your junk comics and just maybe you'll be able to help me out. (Thanks!)

Adventure Comics (DC) 88, 221, 229

Adventures of Bob Hope, The (DC) 1

Amazing Adult Fantasy (Marvel) 12, 14

Amazing Spider-man V1 (Marvel) 65

Atom V1, The (DC) 18

Avengers V1, The (Marvel) 7

Batman (DC) 121 (Also need first fold)

Beatles Life Story, The (Dell) 1

Blackhawk (DC) 167

Blue Beetle V1 (Charlton/1964) 1

Brave & the Bold, The (DC) 34

Bunny (Harvey) 4, 10

Captain America (Marvel) 107

Captain America Comics (Timely) 46 (Also need centerfold)

Classics Illustrated (Gilberton) 46 (1st.Print. ONLY)

Daredevil (Marvel) 39, 76

Doctor Solar Man of the Atom (Gold Key) 1, 3

Fantastic Four V1, The (marvel) 26

Fawcett Movie Comics (Fawcett) V3 #15 (also need centerfold)

Flash V1, The (DC) 145

Green Hornet (Harvey) 33 (Also need centerfold)

Harvey Hits (Harvey) 60

Haunted (Charlton) 1

House of Secrets (DC) 67

Jet Dream (Gold Key) 1

Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Pal (DC) 47

Journey Into Mystery (Marvel) 83, 85 (also need first fold)

Justice League of America V1 (DC) 9

Marvel Family, The (Fawcett) 16

Our Fighting Forces (DC) 76

Rip Hunter...Time Master (DC) 1

Roy Rogers Comics (Dell) 5

Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandoes (Marvel) 19

Shock Suspenstories (E.C.) 16 (Need centerfold ONLY)

Silver Surfer V1, The (Marvel) 1

Spirit, The (Quality/1st. Series "nn"/"Wanted Dead or Alive")

Strange Tales Annual (Marvel) 1 (also need last page)

Sugar & Spike (DC) 75, 83

Superboy V1 (DC) 37

Supergirl V1 (DC) 1

Supergoof (Gold Key) 52

Tales of Suspense (Marvel) 46 (Need centerfold ONLY)

Tales to Astonish (Marvel/Need BACK covers ONLY for #'s 35, 36, 38)

Thor (Marvel) 170, 171

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories (Dell) 11

World's Finest (DC) 143

X-Men V1, the Uncanny (Marvel/1963 Series) 87


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