Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Post No. 660"

I'm getting a little closer all the time to finally having full sets of anything DC & Marvel published in the Silver-Age as 25 cent Giants. A copy of The Silver Surfer V1 (Marvel) #2 (1968) has come in, leaving me with only a number 4 & 6 having those. The only others I still need are Millie Annual (Marvel) 1 (1962), Strange Tales Annual (Marvel) #2 (1963) and Rudolph Annual (DC) "no number" (1962), so that's just 5 total. Considering there was something like 200 of these total from both companies, I think I've done pretty well.

A friend of mine (that could really use the cash) is selling his entire set of the Kirby 4th. World stuff from DC (early 1970's). I already have all of these, but for those who would like a full set at one time, Here is a link to his auction. The guy doesn't have a digital camera to post a photo, but I've personally seen these books and can vouch for them to all be there and in the conditions he lists, and he even has a copy of The Hunger Dogs graphic novel in the lot.

I'm down now to just two of those 6 issues I was looking for with Charlton 1950's Ditko reprints of either "The Green Man" or "Tales of The Mysterious Traveler". Still needed are copies of Scary Tales 39, and Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #15.

That huge pile of brush, junk, logs, treated scrap wood, dirt, (etc.) is starting to look much smaller these days since I've drug out two huge piles to the edge of the street for them to pick up, plus seperated a couple of piles of usuable firewood, and a pile of garbage from it. My neighbor and I have been working on it a little at a time so we can get down to just the soil there and spread that out over the back yards. Of course, we'll either have to haul off the garbage from it to the dump, or, perhaps (as I considered), digging a large hole ourselves and burying it back there.

I've currently been trying to just seperate the vines from the wood that the city will haul off, which is a considerable pile in itself. I'm thinking about stacking that at the sidewalk in a seperate pile and seeing if the city will haul/mulch that up as well as trimmings (which is allowed). A LOT of stuff in this pile is small enough that I can cram it into garbage bags and put it in the trash pickup. I may be able to chop some of the treated wood into small enough pieces to get rid of that, that way, too.

The "pile" started out at least 12 foot tall, and 25 foot around, and that's down now to maybe 4 or 5 foot tall and 18-20 foot around, and there's probably a ton (literally) of just dirt in that which can be spread across the backyard, or perhaps I can use in some of the low spots on my own yard as filler.
Another project I have for cooler weather is to get into my side shed where I store all my tools and clean that thing out again. It's getting where I can't get around in it again. much to do.

Closing Thoughts... read today that Warner's changing DC Comics to DC Entertainment. Hoo-boy. First Marvel's bought out by Disney and now the change at DC. Whatever happened to comic companies that had "fan" appeal??


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