Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Post No. 659"

Life can be just filled with all sorts of "things" to make it interesting.

As I've stated before. my wife lost her job back in May when the place suddenly went out of business, giving her about 5 minutes warning that she was going to be unemployed. She'd worked there for six years.

She filed for unemployment benefits and received them for several weeks, then found a job (for less pay) at a local gas/grocery place. After a week of continuous sexual harrassment, her boss spying on her from his home pc, and other harrassment, etc., she had enough of that and quit. The next time she had to call in about her benefits she stated she had done so. The "head office" got a report that she left because of lack of work due to a blundering imbecile at the employment office. Never the less, the fault was all laid on her instead and she got a letter stating that she'd quit for "no good cause" and had to pay back benefits totalling $1,056.00. She appealed; the guy at the gas/grocery store lied out-the-a$$ (of course), and the decision went against her. She could re-appeal, but what good does it do? The Dept. for Social Services sides 99% with the employers. It'd just be a waste of time.

That same department never checked to see "why" a half a dozen employees before her had also quit. They never do. They never look at the history of the employer. They always think the employer's word is the Word of God. In the meantime, my taxes are paying to keep that government employee in their cushy job, sitting behind some desk making life altering decisions while taking their 400th. coffee break of the day and thinking of the people who come to them in distress only as a number, rather than someone who's been treated unfairly. They're some of the most over-paid for what they do people in the world.

If this sounds like a vendetta against those employees, you're right. I've seen this happen to people who were laid off without any reason being turned down for their paid in benefits in these counties many a time. The employees at said offices act as if it's their money, and not taken from the pay checks each week by hard working, honest individuals. In the meantime, over a hundred dollars is taken out of my check every week for taxes to support these lunes, as well as the hundreds of thousands of able-bodied people who don't want to work, but sponge off "the system" claiming false disabilities and popping out children like machine gun bullets to get free food, health care and housing.

If Obama wants to "change" something, let him change that.


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