Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Post No. 655"

Well I decided that I'd try to locate and collect the various reprint appearances of the two 1950's Charlton characters, "The Mysterious Traveler", and "The Green Man". I looked through a couple of sites and thought I had them all listed, but wasn't sure so I finally just went to the GCD and looked up the individual issues that contained the characters as I only wanted reprints drawn by Ditko. I discovered there's 6 different comics as such: "Mysterious Traveler" = Tales of the Mysterious Traveler (1980's series) #'s 14, 15, Haunted #'s 49, & 70, and on "The Green Man", Scary Tales #39, and Ghostly tales #163. I already have two of the before-mentioned so the other four can't be too difficult to locate. (Of course, if you want the most complete TOTMT reprint collection, there's a TPB just of that (which I have) if you don't mind them being in B&W.)

Other reprints of TOTMT can also be found in issues of Pure Imagination, as well as The Ditko Collector, but I don't believe any of those are in color either.

One Charlton comic I just got in is a copy of the 1967 Charlton premiere V1 #19, which features "Marine War Heroes", and since I have V2 #'s 1-4, this now completes my set of the title. (How can I have them all if I only have 5 books? 'Cause the first 18 issues of CP were titled Marine War Heroes and in the typical Charlton fashion, they changed the title for a single issue.)

Well I'm off work tomorrow but my day's already pretty much shot. Got to take my mom to the doctor at 9AM, then to a nearby town to clear up some matters on her social security, then back to where I work to get my paycheck and deposit that, then mail off a package from something I sold on eBay. After that I'll have yet another four days in a row to work straight again until my next day off.


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