Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Post No. 654"

"R.I.P. Les Paul"


In brighter news....

Got in three different Charlton Comics I'd bought on line: Thunderbolt 58, Special War series 4, and Judomaster 90. The Thunderbolt completed my set of the 1960's Charlton issues, plus the Judomaster had a 2 page app. of the character in it as well, which now, as far as I know, completely fills out a set of any app.'s of T-Bolt from that company back then.

The Judomaster gives me now his first app., plus an extra issue, and I definately want the others as they all have "Sarge Steel" app.'s in them save for issue 89 (which may as well get too since it'd complete the set). That title will probably be next on my re-completion of the 60's Charlton hero stuff. Thus far, I've completed sets of Fightin' Five, Sarge Steel/Secret Agent, Charlton Premiere (save for that odd issue from V1 with "Marine War Heroes"), the "Wander" app.'s by Jim Aparo in issues of Cheyenne Kid, Go-Go, Retilicus, Mysterious Suspense, almost all of the Ditko Blue Beetle (in his own title) including his first app. in Captain Atom, the first few issues of Ghost manor and Ghostly Tales, Jungle Tales of Tarzan 1-4, several early issues of Dr. Graves (including #1), & most all of The Beatles app.'s by that company in the 1960's. Titles I still need to work on would by the first series of Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Peacemaker, the two app.'s of "Mercury Man" in Space Adventures (and, IF I could ever afford it, the Capt. Atom app.'s in that title), and maybe some more issues of such titles as Gorgo, Konga, Space War, Mysterious of Unexplored Worlds, Army War Heroes (with "The Iron Corporal"), Abbott & Costello, plus a few others I fondly remember from now 45+ years ago.

I wouldn't mind having those Blue Beetle app.'s from Charlton from the early 50's, too, but they've gotten fairly expensive now.

On my day off this week I did a lot of work down at mom's. I replaced a large section of her handicap ramp that had gotton humps or soft spots and made that safer, then lopped off large sections of three different huge bushes she has in her back yard that were just getting out of hand. They'd gotten so over-grown that I was having difficulty even mowing under then. And I trimmed her hedges again, so her yard's in fairly decent shape again for a while.

Although I got that trench dug for the new gas line, the guy that's laying it has yet to show up. Was hoping he'd come by and at least reconnect the hot water heater today, but, no such luck.

My wife filed an appeal on her unemployment case and she'll have a tele-conference with that in September. She may have a part-time job coming up, however.


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