Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Post No. 665"


Going back through my inventory lists of my comic book collections I've found the following to be added to the previous post of comics for which I'm searching for the covers (ONLY). As before, I have nice photocopy cover on some of these, but prefer originals, so please go through those "junk" comics you have lying around and check them for me please. And, as before, I don't expect to get them for free; I'll pay a reasonable price for any I need (Thanks!)

Batman (DC) #142, September, 1961

Detective Comics (DC) #285, November, 1960

Detective Comics (DC) #305, July, 1962

The Flash (DC) #135, March, 1962

Mystery in Space (DC) #57, February, 1960

Mystery in Space (DC) #81, February, 1963

Metal Men (DC)#2, June-July, 1963

My Greatest Adventure (DC)#72, October, 1962

Nancy and Sluggo (Dell) #184, Sept.-Oct., 1961

Rip Hunter… Time Master #4 (DC), Sept.-Oct., 1963

Challengers of the Unknown (DC)#19, April-May, 1961

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories (Dell) Vol. 20, No. 7, April, 1960

Getting right along now to other things...

I just realized that my next post will be the ominous #666! (brrrr!) So I guess I outta have some sort of approproiate "theme" for that one. Shame it's not closer to Halloween (since that'd worked out well).

I've had the past two days off from work and have been attempting to get things caught up around here again. Finished mowing my yard and my mom's yards yesterday, cleaned up the yard where the city had picked up and mulched yet another huge pile of brush I'd extracted from that large mound of such from the back yard, and I worked on that as well a while yesterday. Got some comics listed on eBay for sale (click onto the "My Auctions" link to the right if you're some inclined to check those out), got a much needed haircut, and actually slept in both days so I got a little extra rest.

Monday I was pretty sick with something like the flu or a virus and liked to never made it through the entire day at work, but the work I did around here helped sweat that out and, I wouldn't say I'm back in the "pink" of health now, but certainly feeling a whole lot better. My neighbor had it as well, and our local schools are let out from so many students missing from the flu that they won't go back into session until after Fall Break next week.

Re-watched the "Iron Man" flick yesterday. Personally I think that's the best Marvel movie that's been made so far. Everything in it just seems to mesh together well, the IM suit looks good, the actors were well chosen, and the story and special effects were top-notch. Would love to see a follow-up, but I hope next time they don't have IM fighting an armored villian. Myself, I'd like to see one where he battles "The Mandrian", but I think the whole thing is supposed to link into the upcoming "The Avengers" flick" (which I've heard now has been pushed on into either 2011 or 2012). Marvel's linking these flicks together decently with the Stark app. in "Incredible Hulk", and his mentioning he was putting together a team, so we'll just have to all wait to see where that leads.

As usual, I'm broke this week, which figures as my local (I say "local", but it's actually a good 35+ miles from here) comic book shop is having a 50% off back issue sale until Oct. 4th., alas. Haven't been there in over a year now. This year has hit us a little rough what with my wife getting laid off from her job, then those bastards at the employment services maing us pay back over $1,200. which should never have happened. Slowly though, we're recovering from that mess with debbie getting the part-time (25+ hours a week) job and us getting our gas line problems fixed.


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