Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Post No. 666!"

"The Devil, You Say!" Yes, it's Post #666 here at "Elmo's Junction". An ominous number, indeed. Which means absolutely nothing to me. No, I put such superstitions in the catagory of black cats, walking under a ladder and breaking mirrors. None of these do I allow to happen purposely, but they don't bother me either if they do occure.

The number 666 is related to predictions from the book of Revelation in "The Holy Bible". It is a number which is supposed to signify "the beast", and in this prediction one is supposed to not be able to purchase anything without said mark either on one's forehead or hand.

It all depends on whether you believe Revelation to be a predicition, or instead, writings by "John" (no, not John the Baptist, or even John the Apostle; no one's sure "which" John wrote this) relating to one of the emperors of Rome at that time when Christians were being prosecuted and many put to death.

To many Christians of John's time, the Roman emperor was indeed the devil, as well as the enemy of the teachings of Jesus Christ. And the impending Armaggon wasn't relating to some far future event where the forces of Satan fought again Jesus and His Angels, but a real battle against The Roman Empire causing its destruction. Oddly enough, this eventually did happen as Christianity conquered over the worship of pagen gods, and Rome itself became the center for Catholicism.

But...enuff o' dat.

Today I worked more on listings for the "Beatles and Bizarros" blog site (link to the right column) when my good Italian (speak of the devil) friend, Fabio, sent me some additional listings to add to this. There's several that I need the publishers for, however, so if any of you out there can recognize any of the following companies which produced there titles, please let me know so I can correct/add to the listings. The titles I need publishing companies for are:

Big George and His Friends

Tetragrammatron Fragments
(this may be a fanzine)


Blackmail Material

Things From Nowhere

(NOT the Golden-Age title, but a modern publication)

Undrground Surrealistic magazine

I appreciate it!

Picked up some fairly recent comics and will be reviewing some of these as they are read, which include:

Batman (DC) 655, 657, 658/ Daredevil (Marvel) Flashback -1/Detective (DC) 842/Fantastic Four (Marvel) 507/Gross Point (DC)1/Hulk V2 (Marvel) 62/Justice League America Annual (DC/1992) 6/Superman-Batman (DC) 35

And, before I forget it, yesterday marked the anniversary of both the 47th. year since the release of the first Beatles' song, "Love Me Do", plus it was also the 40th. Anniversary of the first episode of "Monte Python's Flying Circus". (Good memories from both!)


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