Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Post No. 671"

This hasn't been the most enjoyable few days I've ever had in my life. It all started with Friday morning.

I went to the bank to get extra change for the weekend in the retail store, and when I got back out to my car, it wouldn't start. I called work and someone came down and tried to jump start that, and it still wouldn't start and I finally had to get a ride back to work with him and call a mechanic to come with a flatbed to take my car back to his shop. I finally got that back on Monday. Total costs: $170.00 counting tow bill, labor, and, the cause of the problem, a new starter.

Then this Sunday while I was off, my aunt and uncle came over to get her stuff out of my wife's van where they'd sat up together at a craft show the day before. My wife went towards our front door to enter the house and get something for my aunt, tripped over a brick, and went through the grass on the storm door, left hand first. This scared the holy crap out of all of us of course, and the first thing I did was rush over to her and immobilize her arm as I was afraid she'd jerk it back suddenly and cut herself even worse. We called an ambulance and took her to the E.R. Forunately all of the cuts were to her palm, which is already getting better and she was able to rerurn to work the following night.

Always something..., but I'm very thankful as Debbie's accident could have been much worse.

Finally got all of my mowing done (hopefully) for this year, as well as finishing up all of my mom's yard yard and Winterizing around her house. The leaves are starting to fall and I've already cleaned out one back gutter. need to check the others as if one's full, the rest probably are as well.

And in other things...
"I didn't know THAT..... Department".: Funny how with all of the (literally) hundreds of thousands of comics I've either looked at or through long boxes of in comic shops and on line and in "photo guides", and price guides, and had in several various larger collections over the years that I still occasionally see some title that I didn't know existed. I even make a point of looking up titles on The Grand Comic Book Data Base or on eBay if it's something that doesn't sound familiar. I mean, I know there's a LOT of modern titles (mostly in the past 10 years) that I've not seen. But, "older" books? And especially older super-hero comics? Naaawwwww. Well, that happened when I saw copies of the 1985 Charlton title, Charlton Action, Featuring Static (a later Ditko super-hero, the Charlton issues of which are shown above, and as usual can be enlargened by clicking onto the photo). I'd seen Static in Eclipse Monthly (published, of course, by Eclipse Comics) but never realized that he'd been the central character in two previously published comics, CA #'s 11 & 12. As usual, Charlton gave him his first issue with an odd numbering on it, and I'm sure it was a continuation of some other discontinued title so they could retain certain mailing rights. What that title could have possibly been, I don't know (maybe Charlton Classics, Featuring "Hercules"???) But you'll notice Ditko's cover designs are pretty similiar to that which he was using on such independnet books of his such as "Wha--?!" and "Avenging World" (as well as his even later work).


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