Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Post No. 669"

Watched the 2007 flick, Zoom: Academy for Superheroes starring Tim Allen, Rip Torn, Chevy Chase, Courteney Cox. Falls into catagory such as Sky High where young people with extraordinary powers are trained into superhero status. Typical rip-offs, of course, of such ideas as "The X-men" or "The New Mutants". Although I usually enjoy Tim Allen flicks (my favorite being Galaxy Quest), this is strickly child's fare with the typical gross moments designed and aimed towards the pre-teen set.

Plot involves an aging super hero called "Zoom" (played by Allen) who is called upon to train a new team of super-powered beings to fight his brother, once thought dead, but returning with a terrible vengence and power. Rip Torn plays his usual role (ala "Zed"-type from The Men In Black) as head of the training fascility called "Area 52".

The special effects are fine and, like I said, it's entertaining enough for younger people but a far cry from any memorable super hero movie. Perfect for its intentions I'm sure, but just a passing one time view ever for the serious mature comic book fan.

Well, we've lost yet another two fine people this past week; George Tuka, artist, and Joe Rosen, letterer. Both have worked for numberous comic book companies and are part of the old "Marvel Bullpen". The older we get, sadly the fewer of those names we grew up with and recognize are still around.

In other things...

I finally got around to defraging this pc, which I hadn't done since I acquired it now well over a year ago. Took a good 3-1/2 hours to accomplish this task. I really need to do such a thing about once a month, know how that goes...

My wife has set up at a craft show about 40 miles from here in Glendale, KY., where they have a huge festival every year. Sometimes I'll go with her, but it's pretty cold today (in the 40's) with some drizzling rain, plus I don't have any extra cash to spend, plus I'd had to have gotten up at 3 AM (as they're an hour ahead of us) to get ready to go, plus my aunt's setting up with her and my wife's van only has front seats (which would mean sitting on the floor in the back), so....

Actually, I'm stuck here at home today as my car went ka-put on me yesterday. I went to the bank for change for the retail store and to deposit my paycheck around 11 AM and it wouldn't start again when I started to go back. Had to call work and have someone come down who attempted to jump-start my car, but it wouldn't do it and had to get a ride back with him to work, then call a local mechanic I know to come pick up my vehicle. Haven't heard anything from that mechanic yet here a good 24 hours later. Can't say I have any complaints much as it's been a good car, even if it is a Ford.

Got in copies of the 1970 Marvel Comics' Our Love Story #5 and the 1981 Charlton Comics' Ghost Manor #55 in yesterday's mail. The former has a 7 page story by Jim Steranko, and the latter is all "Tales of the Mysterious Traveler" reprints from the late 1950's. Looked up credit information from its original source (TOTMT #'s 12 & 13) and it stated that this has a Ditko cover reprinted from Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #13, and that the lead story has Matt Baker artwork. The Steranko artwork in OLS, I think, is perhaps the final strip he ever did before he wrote his two History of Comics books, or started his magazine, Media Scene.

Also in (before I forget) is The Marvel Vault. What a wonderous hardcover this is with tons of photos, artwork reprints, cover reprints, repros of memorabilia and stories! Well recommeneded for anyone who wants a good history of Marvel Comics from its beginning to the modern age.


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