Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Post No. 680"

Yesterday, January 15th., had my late brother Harold Herbert Puckett (1945-1965) lived, he would have been 65 years old. February 5th. will mark the 45th. year of his passing.

At work this week we've been busy rearranging the retail store, eliminating some shelves and moving others making the aisles widers to give customers more room to push the carts througout the store. This requires a LOT of time due to having to move everything from each of the two-sides racks of shelves, moving the racks and then putting the items back into place, plus having to find room somewhere within the store to put the items that were removed from the eliminated shelving. I worked on just my own tool section for a good two days and the store's still just about half finished with this "new look".

Turned my water back on at the meter a few days back after our freezing spell here in S-Central, KY. passed. In fact, today it's supposed to be a bawmy 50 degrees.

Finally got a much needed haircut and took my mom to get the same. Neither of us had had a chance for one since back last Thanksgiving! Also took her around to the grocery and the like for some shopping.

Stopped by the local flea market for the first time this year and walked through it a bit, but found nothing I really wanted. Was looking for some DVD's but it seems that people are just trying to get rid of the ones the don't want rather than bring anything of interest to me.

Still don't have my own pc back up from that virus infection I received through an e-mail attachment (from a friend back Christmas Eve, and am still having to do this posting from my mom's computer, as well as check my e-mails there. If my "pc-fixer-guy" doesn't come clean out that system soon, I guess I'll be forced to load up the hard drive and take it elsewhere for repair as I'd really like to get back to selling again on eBay.

Going to start sorting comic books this weekend, the older (20 cent or lower cover price) from the newer stuff for a couple of dealers to inspect. May end up keeping a few of the more modern runs as it'd be shame top just let them go as complete as they are for little of nothing, when if I decide to sell them they'll go much better as a full run.

I've decided to keep my run of the Wrightson "Swamp Things", ALL of my "Doom Patrols", plus my "Jonah Hex" titles.

I'm thinking I'll probably take my vacation this year once again the first week of may as my comic shop always has a sale going on that week and it'll correspond, I believe, with "Free Comic Book Day" as well. Also thinking about getting back on Facebook after getting my pc fixed.

Just got a call while I was typing this that my pc guy's coming by tonight. Will be good to have my own computer again.


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