Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Post No. 672"

Today is Debbie and my 21st. wedding anniversary. We recall the day well. It was raining and chilly. Came just a flood that night when we were staying at a motel in Bowling Green, KY. (about 35 miles from here). We ate dinner at the next door Executive Inn and stayed there fairly late dancing to their house band. The next day on the way home, I actually stopped at a comic book show that was at the old BG Mall. We've had our "ups and downs", but still together for 21 years (remarkable).

I got her a new purse, some makeup she'd been wanting and some solar-powered lights for around the sidewalk. One of the things she gave me was one of the DC "Crisis The Spectre",action figures. Pretty neat! There's some others in that series I wouldn't mind having as well such as "Dr. Fate", "The Flash", "The Black Canary" and "The Question".

Raked up and mulchd the leaves for...oh...I guess the third time this Autumn, and re-emptied the back gutters which were over-flowing (again). Later on today I really need to go down to my mom's house and do her yard as well. Thought that perhaps from us trimming our large trees last Spring I wouldn't have as many leaves, but there still seems an over-abundance of the things.

Work's still steady with our weekends in the retail still quite busy. People are buying for Christmas now. I'll actually have three days off in a row (the first time that's happened since my vacation this year back the first week in May) all around Thanksgiving. Our plans aren't definate for Thanksgiving yet, but we'll probably go up to my cousin's place in the country as usual for dinner.

I had a pc crash last week and lost ALL of my old files. It was so bad in fact that this pc had to be "zeroed out" and reloaded. But this time I've put in Windows XP. I've got everything back going pretty good save that I can't find those blamed discs for my scanner/camera/printer drivers.


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