Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Post No. 675!"

The above is the theatrical release poster from the 1993 flick, "Wilder Napalm" starring Dennis Quaid, Debra Winger and Arliss Howard. If you'll click the link in red it'll tell you a better summery than I could be brief about, but it's a great movie that I've been wanting to see for a good 16 years since a friend told me it was about two guys that had powers like "The Human Torch". I wasn't disapointed from that long wait. Very enjoyable, and highly recommended.

In more important things, my mother was released from the hospital today after having a pacemaker installed. Last Wednesday she had me to take her to the doctor, compaining about some pain in her left arm. Naturally her doctor was concerned about her heart and sent her to the hospital for a EKG and blood work. Seems her heart rate was way too irregular, dropping then rising too high, so Friday night she was transported from our local hospital to Elizabethtown Hardin Memorial where she got the pacemaker.

The procedure was brief (about an hour and a half at the most; some of that of which was "prep"), she got just a local so she was fully awake during the operation, and was even given a chicken sandwich and a Diet Coke to eat before she got completely off the operating table (she hadn't had anything to eat or drink since midnight before), and was back in her room before 10 A.M.!

The pacemaker is so small these days you can't even tell someone has one. Amazing how much medicine has progressed.

Got to thinking about this being the 47th. Anniversary of the assassination/death of President Kennedy. As it happened, my late brother came home that very night from his first leave from The Marine Corps. Strange how things change. Had that happened today, the country would have most likely been put on "lock down' such as it was on 9/11, anyone in the military would have had to stay on base, and it would have been treated like a suspected terrorist attack. Back then, nearly 50 years ago, it was treated as a police matter.

And... just to catch up a bit with my current sporatic blogging...

You'll notice that there's a new link in white-colored font over at the top of the column to the right. It's to one of my other, pretty much, non-working blogs, called "A Puck's Tale". I had been using this just for some personal information about me, but I decided that would be the perfect place for me to have as much of a complete resume' on line of my published work from over the past 40+ years that I could round up and list, so's...there 'tis.

It's still a "work in progress" as ifever/whenever I finally find my scanner/camera driver discs I do plan on posting a current photo of myself along with some cover reproductions and artwork.


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