Friday, July 02, 2010

"Post No. 711"

Busy, busy day, today.

My wife and I took my mother to her pacemaker doctor some 45 miles North of here. We couldn't have asked for any prettier day, with temperatures not exceeding the mid 80's and a blue sky with not a cloud in sight, and a light, gentle breeze.

We stopped along the way up there at one multi-family yard sale where we found some goodies. My wife bought some summer shoes, about 100 bobbins of tread, etc., and I bought two large plush dolls of Batman & Superman (each about 3 foot tall!) and a Robin doll (about 1/2 the size of the others) for $5. total, and the woman threw in a Justice League Unlimited tin case (for holding action figures) and a Marvel Super-heroes paper folder, plus a cloth tote for free! I also bought a package of 50 unopened floppies and a working adding machine w/paper for $2. each, so we got a lot of nice deals!

Then on to the pacemaker doctor where we stayed maybe a hour and a half, and on the way home, we stopped at an antique mall where I hurridly looked through a few hundred comics and purchased 8 of them for $6. They included: Justice league America (DC/1989) 32 (Giffen/DeMatteis issue), The Young All-Stars Annual (DC/1988) #1, Prime (Malibu) #1 (1993/, Captain Confederacy (Epic-Marvel) #2 (1991), HULK v2 (Marvel) #11 (2000), Archer and Armstrong (Valiant) 32 (1992/"Unity" x-over/Barry Winsor-Smith artwork/2nd. Valiant app. of "Turok"), and Ultra Klutz (Onward) #2 (1986)by small press writer/artist, Jeff Nicholson , and one of the more interesting comics, Berzerker #1 (Gauntlet/1993). Berzerker was originally supposed to have been published back in the 1980's and was even advertised in Megaton #2 (Magaton pubs./1985). This issue also has a pin-up by Erik ("Savage Dragon") Larson, and 2 different pin-ups of the character by Rob ("Youngblood") Liefeld, and has a reprint of the "Knight Watchman" from Detective Comics (DC) #38 (Aug., 1940). Angel Medina does the artwork (who most are familiar with); it's some of his earliest.

Then we stopped at Wendy's Restaurant for lunch and finally on the way back home we stopped at the cemetary up there for a while where my wife's parents are buried.Finally back at home we had to stop and get some more medicine for my mom. We all had a full day and a tiring one.


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