Friday, June 04, 2010

"Post No. 704"

Had the past couple days off from work, but nothing new really going on in my life.

I decided that I will indeed finish that 12 issue comic book series I'd been working on for nearly 2 years now, but currently I'm taking a break from it to finish up the inks on a three issue mini-series I worked on before that. Instead of 12 issues, however, I think I'll divide it into 2 books of six issue series each. (Keeps me from getting so burned out on doing one project).

On these hot sultry days here in S-Central, KY., it makes me not want to do a whole lot of outside work, but I have managed to knock down some weeds with a grubbing hoe, transplate a couple of flowers, weed by hand a little bit and cut down two small trees in my backyard that was preventing me from mowing easier with the riding mower (I've got plenty more where they came from). Otherwise it's the same-ol'-same-ol' 'round here. Keeping an eye on mom, helping my wife with her craft projects (she has a show tomorrow), my regular 9 hr. a day job at the retail store, and pittlin'.

I did get in a copy of a 1986 issue of Rocky Hartberg's Cole Black independent comic that I needed; even had a letter of comment in it from me that I'd forgotten about written o' so many years ago. This was really a decent title and there's a new issue of that available I noticed on auctions this week (#10) that I need to pick up eventually.

Dug out a "Bat Out of Hell" CD (by Meat Loaf) and listened to it today; one of my favorites from that time.

And that's really about it. Maybe something will happen (hopefully something NICE) that I can blog about more later this month.


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