Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Post No. 701"

And off we go again...

Well I see that there's a lot of upsets in the primary elections this time. Doesn't surprize me in the least. People are scared. they are scared about the economy. They are scared about losing their jobs. They are looking towards Washington and saying "We don't want BIG government! Put it back into the hands of the people!" Democrates are sweating. They've had their little place in the sun for a while, but they know "the end is near". And, what do they expect? It amazed me how many eyes of the people they were able to pull the wool down over with empty promises; ones that are only designed to bankrupt the working middle-class. Without the middle class, the rich no longer can get richer, and the poor no longer have anyone to support them.

But politics aren't the only thing that's scaring people. Weird weather patterns, multiple earthquakes around the world, ever-growing unrest between countries, constant involvement in wars, Wall Street and the economy... The planet IS a scary place right now and this is a pivitol point in history. No one knows which of many paths our future will take. Will it pass over all of these problems and go on to a much brighter world, or will it fall into an abyss? Time will tell.

So, let's go on from the "doom and gloom" mood to other things...

Let me curse about the rain for a while instead. Yeah, yeah....You can complain about the weather but you can't do anything about it. Wish I could! I tell it to stay DRY for a while so I don' 't have to mow so often! I've been keeping count of how many times I've mow both my own and my mother's yard this year. So far, NINE times! That's rediculous! Year before last, when we had a bit of a drought, I may not have mowed that many times all year, but last year I was still mowing into November, and my yard is thick with, not as much grass, as clover. Just like a tightly-woven shag carpet. I set my riding mower up on the next to the highest setting and it still tries to bog it down. I mowed over much of it as much as three times yesterday just to make it look half-way decent.

Other "things"...

I've been making out a new inventory list of all of my comics again. I'm doing pretty well. Finished around 50+ "long" boxes of comics. Still have one long box that I need to sort in order. Got plenty of comic book bags, but unfortunately I'm running out of any sort of backing boards and will probably have to purchase at least 200 to get these comics in order (as I don't want anything in my collection these days that doesn't have one on it). I also need to buy at least 7 comic book boxes with lids as eventually, when this is all listed, I want to reput everything back in order in such boxes and out of the various copier paper boxes in which about half of that is stored. If there ever comes a day that I sell out, I want a "hard list" of exactly what the buyer would be getting.

Got yet another chore done at my mom's. I tore down 1/2 of the plaster board on her back bedroom ceiling where she had a bad water leak so the repair man can come and see what damage has been done and can tell how exactly to repair it. Only took about 2 hours and I even finished up cleaning up the mess I'd made acouple months back when I made her a new handicap ramp.

Lots of people at the local flea markets this weekend here locally but nadda that I'd want. Mostly just the same ol', same ol'. I did get in a couple of lots I'd won on ebay auctions: Nick Fury and His Agents of SHIELD #'s 1 & 5(completed the set), and The Losers 2 thru 5 (which gives me a run of the first five issues of that title).



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