Monday, June 21, 2010

"Post No. 708"

Over the past few years, there's a personal attitute problem I've had to work on: That of not being a smart ass.

I've always been a bit sarcastic, and my work has mostly always been satirical and full of parody, but I've found that, much to my dismay, those "attributes" have turned rather sour, especially during the past 5 or so years.

I could "blame" it on a number of things that have happened in my life, such as family problems, work-related issues, or just plain boredom, but I'll take full responcibility for my actions and the total blame, and all I can say is that I'll promise to work on my attitute and try to be a more cheerful and optimistic person. I need to always keep in mind that no matter how bad things are, things could (and a lot of times) can be worse.

With that said, on to other things.

Finished up that 3 issue mini-series I'd been working on. Haven't started back on "the-other-previously-mentioned-in-another-blog-post-series" yet.

Got in issues #'s 6, 9 & 10 of Rocky Hartberg's Cole Black indie published by Boardman Books, along with a copy of "The Art of Denis McLaughlin" (1950 UK comic reprints). Will review all when I can find the time to read them.

Went to a city-wide yard sale in a town about 45 miles from here last saturday, but only spent a total of $2.50, and that was a quarter each on a couple of modern comics and $2. (total) for 4 different MAD paperbacks I didn't have. Stopped by an antique store in another town on the way home and looked through probably a hundred latter 60's/early 70's DC and Marvel comics, but they were all so over-priced I passed.

Hotter Than Hell is the theme today, and even more so tomorrow. (Summer has arrived with a vengence!)


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